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Control your time and your inbox


Manage your communication and your workload and choose the right priorities

Take control of your workload and competing priorities

Receive practical hands-on skills instruction to help you absorb proven techniques for a total time-management solution.

Integrate communications, tasks, activities, planning and apply the WorkingSm@rt method using Microsoft Outlook.

This course will help you:

• Create a consistent focus on priorities

• Gain control of your Inbox and email

• Improve your communications

• Manage your time, tasks, and activities

• Use Outlook with a ‘business planning’ approach

Who Should Attend:


Workgroups and teams including managers, technical and sales professionals, supervisors, administrators and project leaders who currently use Microsoft Outlook, and are not optimizing this powerful software.


• Full day instructor-led sessions,in class.

• Coaching session to reinforce learning

Tools Provided:

• Comprehensive Learning Guide and

Resource Manual

• Enrollment in our monthly LearningLink


Related Training:

• WorkingSm@rt using Microsoft Teams

• WorkingSm@rt using OneNote

• WorkingSm@rt in Meetings

Take control of your workload


The Priority Management WorkingSm@rt using Microsoft Outlook Workshop has been developed to empower you to take control of your work. Priority Management teaches you how to change behaviors and optimize the use of technology to take control of your time, productivity, collaboration and work results.


Unit 1 Being Productive

This unit will introduce you to the challenges arising from the modern workplace expectations placed upon knowledge workers. You will also learn about the fundamental principles of productivity. With that context in mind, you will be in a better position to focus on the tasks with the greatest return on your investment of time.

Unit 2 Setting Yourself Up to Work Sm@rt

You will gain a deeper understanding of what’s available in the Outlook “toolbox” and set up the main components to enable you to work smart with enhanced focus. Learn how to increase your productivity and eliminate unhelpful habits.

Unit 3 Managing Your Workload With Tasks

You will learn how to capture and plan the execution of your flexible pieces of work. You will also learn how Outlook can help you keep track of work you have asked others to do.

Unit 4 Managing Your Email Effectively

We will show you how to better manage your email.

You will learn how to extract the work from your Inbox and quickly file emails you need to retain. You will discover that you can work from a near empty Inbox.

Unit 5 Managing Your Time Commitments

You will learn the importance of the OutlookCalendar and how to avoid becoming a victim of the“planning fallacy”. You will become a more proficient manager of your time and a better daily planner.

Unit 6 Managing Your Communications

You will learn how to plan, capture and follow up on time, every time.

Unit 7 Planning For Results

You will discover how the planning cycle will help you become more strategic in your daily choices.

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